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Author: Melvin Pearce/Tuesday, October 30, 2018/Categories: Services

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Custom-fit Blockchain-based solutions to meet your varied Business Needs

Explore the possibilities in Blockchain for your business with our extensive  expertise in Distributed Ledger Technology including Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, Hyperledger & Ethereum Development and the like




The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications

EOSIO operates as a smart contract platform and decentralized operating system intended for the deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications through a decentralized autonomous corporation model. The smart contract platform eliminates transaction fees and also potentially can conduct millions of transactions per second.

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Hyperledger is an open-source software project that brings cross-industry blockchain technologies as a collaborative effort 

by Linux foundation. It’s a global collaboration of Linux with several tech-savvy leaders in finance, banking, IoT,

 Supply chain and Manufacturing. 

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Ethereum is world famous Blockchain based distributed computing system with a Smart Contract functionality which runs 

on a modified version of Nakamoto consensus. It’s a global Blockchain platform for building decentralized applications 

that run over a Peer-to-Peer network without any third-party interference. See how we use Ethereum for building top-tier

 DAPPs with startling features.

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MultiChain is a worldwide technology platform that allows you to create and establish new private Blockchains for various organizations to manage internal operations and financial transactions. The Blockchains created by MultiChain technology have their own native currencies and issued assets. 





OpenChain is a distributed ledger technology that enables various organizations to issue and manage digital assets in a secure and transparent manner. It incorporates the Partionned consensus mechanism and offers unified APIs to the developers for building Smart Contracts. 

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Stellar is a Blockchain platform that connects people with various banks and payment systems. It’s an open-source protocol that allows exchange of money using Blockchain technology. The Stellar network is capable of processing fiat currency exchanges at lightning fast speed.
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Steem is a Blockchain-based social media platform which also has its own development portal and offers APIs to the developers for building scalable web and mobile applications fueled by its own Blockchain platform. Steem allows programming in JavaScript, Python and Ruby.

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IOTA is a permissionless distributed ledger technology that provides secure payments and real-time communications between various IoT devices. IOTA is built to foster Internet of things and to provide a better connectivity between the IoT devices. It enables feeless Peer-to-Peer transactions without the involvement of any third party, intermediary or central system. 





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