iTMS  (Integrated Task Management Systems) was designed specifically to release huge efficiency savings for industries with very manual and complex procedures

iTMS can even be used as a huge cash generator ££!

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Now being used successfully across many industries including Facilities Management, Multi-national Supermarkets, Automotive sectors , Material Handling Eqt manufacturers / repairers & Sub Contractors




  • CRM
  • Simplifies & Automates Complex processes 
  • Allows huge cost savings through reutilization of FTE  
  • Easily manage assets, staff, third party contractors, mobile workforces, health and safety etc  
  • Simple to use Intuitive solution 
  • Near real time visibility of all your data
  • Full current & historical reporting suite 
  • Automated easily configurable alerts  
  • Secure Cloud based solution 
  • Mobile worker Safe to start 
  • Infinite Scalability 
  • Android, IOS, Windows Mobile downloadable apps
  • Dynamic Job Scheduling
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking
  • Automated Customer Booking  
  • Secured Contract Compliance & Service Delivery 
  • Analytics and Performance - Transforming Insight into Improved Service
  • Enterprise Grade Solution


  • iTMS is very versatile and configurable and can manage many of your business operational processes in their entirety i.e. from a starting process to final invoice in one transparent auditable process flow.   
  • iTMS is a secure cloud based business process automation solution, providing very competitive entry and incremental costs with infinite scalability.   
  • iTMS is intuitive with an extremely user friendly interface so you can efficiently manage many of your business processes / service delivery (including diagnosis, dispatching, routing for optimised productivity and effective cost control).  
  • iTMS can even interface with any mobile device (e.g. Android / IOS) and communicate via text, email, telephone and through the dedicated app. 
  • ITMS will give you the competitive advantage to allow you to focus on reducing costs and exploring any opportunities to improve productivity and reduce asset down time.


New Release :

ITMS has now a new Fleet function that can easily provide you with tracking and visibility of all of your company vehicles and workforce with no additional hardware.


*See one of our recent client testimonial at the foot of the page


Client Testimonial - Rollstore Ltd 

The experience and enthusiasm of the Software Focus International team quickly enabled us both to work together as a creative team and I was very impressed with the commitment to our project.
I`m delighted with the new system and feel confident that it will grow with our business and continue to bring value to Rollstore Ltd and its users.


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