iTMS was designed specifically to release huge efficiency savings for industries with very manual and complex procedures, iTMS can even be used as a huge cash generator ££ !

iTMS (Integrated Task Management Systems) is very versatile and configurable and can manage many business operational processes in their entirety, i.e. from a starting process to final invoice in one transparent auditable process flow. The iTMS system is a secure cloud based business process automation solution, providing very competitive entry and incremental costs with infinite scalability. iTMS is extremely user friendly and can efficiently manage many of your business processes / service delivery (including diagnosis, dispatching, routing for optimised productivity and effective cost control). iTMS can even interface with any mobile device (e.g. Android / IOS) and communicate via text, email, telephone and through the dedicated app. 

Our ITMS is now being used successfully across many industries including Facilities Management, Multi-national Supermarkets, Automotive sectors , Cage manufacturers / repairers & Sub Contractors

*See one of our recent client testimonial at the foot of the page

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Client Testimonial - Rollstore Ltd 

The experience and enthusiasm of the Software Focus International team quickly enabled us both to work together as a creative team and I was very impressed with the commitment to our project.
I`m delighted with the new system and feel confident that it will grow with our business and continue to bring value to Rollstore Ltd and its users.


Tom Wells Tom Wells Signature