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We design, develop and deliver bespoke and commercially off the shelf software solutions to match your exact requirements and budget, including Blockchain Development Services.

Software Focus International leading solutions enable you to maximise productivity, optimise the use of all of your resources and deliver the best possible service to your customers

Software Focus International utilise every available technology such as Blockchain, IOT A.I to maximise the end product efficiency and functionality for optimal value

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Product Development

Do you have a great idea and want to turn it into reality? 

Do you need funding for the project? 

If you have a great project idea but do not have the funding, we can enter into a shared profit arrangement to get the wheels in motion, we have the knowledge and experience to do this

Qualifying process see below:

Stage 1
After signing an NDA to protect your idea we evaluate the concepts uniqueness, feasibility / marketability, profitability, putting your idea to paper, working with you we create a pitch deck & technical documentation  

Stage 2 Taking your idea to investors, we can then approach VC's as a team to support you in acquiring an investment for the next stage to begin

Stage 3 - Development stage , we break down the components of development sprints and assign to the various in house teams who have the required expertise to completion, we manage the process from end to end, you will receive regular status updates throughout the development / testing phases, giving you complete satisfaction and peace of mind that all development meets the quality requirements and is within specified timelines, once developed and fully tested and approved by all stakeholders we are then ready for the next stage 

Stage 4 - Pre-Implementation, during the development stage we will prepare a plan (in parallel) of how we intend to implement the product / solution in such a way that will maximise its potential and ROI return rate as well as increased ongoing profitability   

Stage 5 - Implementation, we then implement the solution with a big bang approach utilising all types of media promotion including YouTube Channel partners etc. This will then maximise the speed of profitability for you and the investors

Stage 6 - We maintain systems / product development improving the product and reducing competition replication  

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Our Best-Selling Product 

ITMS - (Integrated Task Management Systems) 

Our best-selling product -  was designed specifically to release huge efficiency savings for industries with very manual and complex procedures,  can even be used as a huge cash generator ££!

 a completely web-based CAFM solution that merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend Facilities Management (FM) across borders, and optimises process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the lifecycle.  With its standard web browser, it is straightforward to use and gives a single, integrated cross-portfolio view of facilities and maintenance activities, schedules and contracts.

 enable organisations to increase productivity, customer service, real-time visibility and reporting whilst reducing costs. 

  • CRM
  • Dynamic Job Scheduling
  • Intuitive and Seamless Mobile Workforce Solution
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking
  • Automated Customer Booking  
  • Simplifies & Automates Complex processes 
  • Secured Contract Compliance & Service Delivery 
  • Analytics and Performance - Transforming Insight into Improved Service
  • Enterprise Grade Solution 

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 (Integrated Task Management Systems) is very versatile and configurable and can manage many business operational processes in their entirety, i.e. from a starting process to final invoice in one transparent auditable process flow.

 is a secure cloud based business process automation solution, providing very competitive entry and incremental costs with infinite scalability.

is extremely user friendly and can efficiently manage many of your business processes / service delivery (including diagnosis, dispatching, routing for optimised productivity and effective cost control). 

can even interface with any mobile device (e.g. Android / IOS) and communicate via text, email, telephone and through the dedicated app. 

is now being used successfully across many industries including Facilities Management, Multi-national Supermarkets, Automotive sectors , Cage manufacturers / repairers & Sub Contractors

New Release :

 has released a new Fleet version that can now easily provide you with tracking and visibility of all of your company vehicles and workforce with no additional hardware.  

Click here to watch animated explainer video 

BlockChain Development Services 

Is your business ready for Blockchain & why do I need to know about Blockchain?:

  1. Financial institutions specifically are under tremendous pressure to demonstrate regulatory compliance and many are now moving ahead with Blockchain implementations. Secure solutions like Blockchain can be a crucial building block to reduce compliance costs.Blockchain technology doesn't have to exist publicly. It can also exist privately - where nodes are simply points in a private network and the Blockchain acts similarly to a distributed ledger.
  2. Block-chain technology is broader than finance. It can be applied to any multi-step transaction where traceability and visibility is required. Supply chain is a notable use case where Blockchain can be leveraged to manage and sign contracts and audit product provenance. It could also be leveraged for votation platforms, titles and deed management - amongst myriad other uses. As the digital and physical worlds converge, the practical applications of Blockchain will only grow.
  3. The exponential and disruptive growth of Blockchain will come from the convergence of public and private Blockchains to an ecosystem where firms, customers and suppliers can collaborate in a secure, auditable and virtual way.

Delivering a complete life cycle of innovative BlockChain Development Services, explore the possibilities in BlockChain for your business with our extensive expertise in distributed ledger technology including Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, EOS.IO , Hyperledger & Etherium development

Our in house team of developers work on the latest and groundbreaking technologies to bring you the finest solutions for your business growth. We offer best-in-class development services for all major verticals in Blockchain industry and our quality driven approach is second to none.


For Block Chain and development services click here  

Consultancy & pricing fact sheet Download click here
Consultancy & pricing fact sheet Download click here


SFI win new contract

SFI win new contract

with Rollstore and large supermarket chain

Rollstore Ltd working...

Rollstore Ltd working...

Many thanks to Rollstore for their support and gratitude for the successful implementation of our ITMS solution

Another ITMS...

Another ITMS...

Software Focus International has just been awarded a prestigious 3 year contract with a leading UK supermarket...


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