Why we chose Software Focus International & their ITMS solution

Company Testimonial : Rollstore Ltd


In order to further develop our cage repair service offering, Rollstore Ltd required a system that would set us apart from the competition and bring real sustainable benefits to our customers and business alike.

Our vision was to have a fully customizable management solution that would suit any potential customer’s needs and bring “real time” information to the client.

We quickly realized that this system needed to fit a number of key criteria such as;

  • A flexible system that captured both operational and commercial data in real time
  • A system that could be adapted and grow with the numerous different customers we service
  • A system that provided end to end visibility for both the customer and Rollstore Ltd
  • A system that was easy for our mobile engineers to use and reduce paperwork and administration costs.

We researched many off the shelf solutions and found that there really wasn’t anything that suited these requirements until we contacted Software Focus International who recommended their ITMS. (Integrated Task Management System).

It was clear from the outset that ITMS had the capability to be easily adapted to our business model with very little development and also presented us with other benefits we had not initially identified.

The experience and enthusiasm of the Software Focus International team quickly enabled us both to work together as a creative team and I was very impressed with the commitment to our project.

I`m delighted with the new system and feel confident that it will grow with our business and continue to bring value to Rollstore Ltd and its users.

Tom Wells 

Marketing & Development Director, Rollstore Ltd

Why we chose Software Focus International & their ITMS solution
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